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History of the Judith Hoyer "Judy" Center

Collaboration and partnerships with the community lie at the heart of Maryland’s Judy Center Early Learning Hubs. Judy Centers are not childcare centers but a comprehensive hub where families can participate in family learning experiences and receive services and support. In Title I and high-needs elementary schools in every Maryland jurisdiction, Judy Centers empower a child’s first teachers—          their families- by supporting child development and early learning skills for our youngest learners from birth through kindergarten. 

The Judith P. Hoyer Early Child Care and Education Enhancement Programs were established in July 2000, through Senate Bill 793.  As a result of this legislation, the Maryland General Assembly allocated $7 million to establish the Judith P. Hoyer Early Child Care and Education Enhancement Centers (hereafter, the Judy Centers). The Judy Centers provide Enhancement Grants for private providers, and track progress in school readiness using the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA) which measures school readiness in four domains — social foundations; language/literacy, mathematics, and physical well-being and motor development.. The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) was charged with administering these programs.

Judy Centers were designed to provide a comprehensive set of services for children birth through age five and their families. Judy Centers are located in or affiliated with Title 1 elementary schools and provide full-day, full-year services. Services were designed to foster a child’s readiness for school. Twenty-three counties across Maryland were awarded grants to establish Judy Centers.

The Charles County Judy Center serves students and families in the Indian Head,  Dr. Samuel Mudd and Eva Turner Elementary Schools attendance zones. The Judy Center provides services for children ages 0 - kindergarten and their families. We work together with community partners to ensure that children are socially, emotionally and physically ready for first grade. Most services, programs and activities are free.

Please contact us at 301-934-7493 if you would like to learn more about the Charles County Public Schools Judy Center.

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